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Mini Hauls were first manufactured in the early 1970’s to remove the soil from grave sites and leave a clean undamaged site. This process also significantly reduces the amount of labor required by eliminating the process of laying out tarps and boards to protect the sod from piles of soil and the cleanup thereafter. Also, by storing the removable pans in nearby but out of sight locations you can easily retrieve them for backfill without wasting time and labor running back and forth with loaders and trucks to storage locations. In medium to large operations the labor savings will easily, more than pay for the equipment, plus reducing labor decreases the potential exposure to injury. Overall the Mini Haul and removable pan process has proven itself over the years to be economical, practical and efficient leaving sites clean and undamaged.

We have been rebuilding and servicing these machines for many years and now offer a redesigned unit in the Mini Haul II.

The major improvements on the new machine:

Combination articulation and rotational center joint which reduces stress on the frame and increases flexibility and durability
Larger tires (16.5L x 16.1 ,42" Dia.) for increased floatation and smoother ride
Standard types and sizes of hydraulic cylinders, motors and controls for availability and cost efficiency
John Deere 4.5 L OEM diesel Tier 3 engine to meet current emissions standards
Manual shift and park selector valves for positive control without the potential problems of electrical solenoid malfunctions
Heavy uni-body front frame construction to minimize cost and increase longevity
Larger lift arm pivot pins for less wear and increased stability - Don't Pitch It - Fix It"

Check out the possibility of repairing or custom making that hard to find or expensive part.

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